Automating Data Management across Multiple Systems for Greater Productivity

Aug 28 2019
Stone Forest IT
Retail (Social club)_Automating data management across multiple systems for greater productivity_Customised utility and Banklink

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Industry: F&B, Retail and Consumer Products (Club) 
Solution: Customised utility for Sage 300 and BankLink

  • Greater productivity
  • Reduction in late payments collected
  • Eliminate risk of manual data entry errors


As its membership grew, a local club that serves traditional Chinese cuisine found itself spending excessive time managing voluminous data from multiple systems. Its finance team had to manually enter transactional data from the restaurant system and new members’ details into the club’s Sage 300 accounting system. Payment details, such as those relating to membership fees, had to be manually compiled before they were sent to the club’s merchant bank for processing. These manual processes were time consuming, posed a high risk of data entry error and delayed billing, negatively affecting the timeliness of payment collection. Seeking a solution, the club approached  Stone Forest IT (SFIT) for assistance.


After consulting with the client, SFIT proposed the following:

  • A customised utility for Sage 300 that automatically exports daily transactional data from the restaurant system as well as details of members and membership fee payments from the membership system into the client’s Sage 300 Accounts Receivable module
  • SFIT’s BankLink solution that translates members’ payment details into a format that can be read by the client’s merchant bank to facilitate collection


After implementation, the client enjoyed the following benefits: 

  • 60% reduction in processing time for daily transactions, leading to greater productivity
  • 50% reduction in late payments collected
  • Eliminate risk of manual data entry errors

With its vast experience in providing customised solutions for Sage 300, SFIT is well-positioned to help organisations align technology with their business objectives.


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