Have you been spending all your time firefighting? No time to look at the source of the fire?

Aug 29 2019
Stone Forest IT

With rising inflation, difficulty in finding resources, cut-throat competition and a dwindling US economy, you may be up to your neck into solving everyday problems, fighting crisis situations and responding to changes as they come.

At such times, you may be left no time to think about the business & your long term plans, business development ideas or launch of new products and services.

Management guru Steven Covey had pointed to this phenomenon in the 90's - Spending all the time on focusing on the Urgent things, and having no time left for the second quadrant activities - the important, but not urgent activities.

Taking care of your IT infrastructure is one such important activity. Your organization might be running without any problems, so looking at your IT infrastructure may be the last thing on your mind. But beware - a virus outbreak, passwords compromised, denial of service attack on your website, or unlicensed software usage are some of the issues that can create cause minor or major disasters, and might cripple your operations for days to come.

Worse still, such disasters often leave a poor experience for your customers, prospects, vendors and may even lead to bad press. Some of it may even reflect on your company, the way it operates, and prospects may stay away from you forever. Remember, it takes years to create a certain reputation, a certain brand, but it takes a moment to lose it. You will be embarrassed to admit that you ignored such simple things.

After helping and supporting SMEs and foreign firms for the past 20 years, we at Stone Forest IT have realized that most companies hardly have time to think about the IT infrastructure, and give it the attention it deserves.

That's why we deploy Fire Safety Officers, and not Firemen to look after your important IT assets and ensure that they run perfectly, adhere to corporate compliance, audits and provide you with years of service in the coming future, without any hassles.


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