Integrated Business Solutions for F&B Wholesale Distributors to Achieve Faster Speed to Market

Aug 28 2019
Stone Forest IT
F&B (Wholesale)_Integrated Business Solutions for F&B Wholesale Distributors to Achieve Faster Speed To Market_Integrated Business Solutions

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Industry: F&B - Wholesale Distribution 
Solution: Customised integrated business solutions 

  • Greater productivity 
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Improved business process efficiency
  • Faster speed to market
  • Smart, informed decision making


In today’s competitive global marketplace, F&B wholesale distributors are expected to work round the clock, with little or no tolerance for downtime. An increasing number of customers expect flawless deliveries, fast response times, lower costs, wider selections and more customisation options.

With outdated and highly manual processes, the traditional F&B wholesale distribution industry is often plagued by serious productivity challenges. Other issues include voluminous bookkeeping, high staff turnover as well as disjointed frontline and back office processes.


Stone Forest IT (SFIT) provides a range of integrated business solutions for F&B wholesale distributors to streamline processes and enhance profitability.

These includes:

  • Mobility Services to allow secure smartphone and tablet usage for employees on the move
  • Customised Digital Forms such as the use of Microsoft Excel Mobile to facilitate digital ordering for busy F&B personnel
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) — Sage 300, a robust accounting and operations system that supports sales order automation and integration with points of sale (POS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to understand customer buying behaviour for loyalty programmes and to support marketing promotions such as voucher redemptions
  • Inventory Management Tools such as the SKU management module for stock level updates or lot tracking module to monitor food expiry dates
  • Business Intelligence Tools to analyse outlet performance, track profit per square foot or get a predictive view of business operations


With SFIT’s tailored solutions, F&B wholesale distributors will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Greater productivity with secure file sharing and seamless access to real-time stock and pricing information on any device anytime, anywhere
  • Greater customer satisfaction through online self-service digital ordering channels and e-commerce systems
  • Improved business process efficiency through ERP and CRM integration
  • Faster speed to market with better inventory management processes
  • Smart, informed decision making with access to critical POS and supply chain data

SFIT’s powerful combination of technical expertise and intimate understanding of F&B wholesale distributors’ unique industry needs allows them to enhance business agility as well as customer acquisition and retention.


The Stone Forest group of companies provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions to support your business growth in Singapore and globally.

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