National Business Survey 2020/2021

Feb 16 2021

The 13th edition of the National Business Survey, developed by Singapore Business Federation (“SBF”) is out. This Edition documents findings and updates on the following aspects of the local business landscape:  

  1. Business sentiment and impact of COVID-19
  2. Business outlook: Priorities and challenges
  3. Government budget and support
  4. Digitalisation and transformation
  5. Internalisation
  6. About the National Business Survey 2020/2021

Sneak Peek

Year 2020 suffered from unprecedented challenges attributed to COVID-19 – a pandemic that caught the world off guard and created a huge dent on the global economy. On the local front, many companies managed to bounce back with the support from our Government.

As to the local economic outlook, there are divided views: Some speculate that our economy will bounce back after 2022 due to the much-needed time to manage the damages, whilst others are positive that we will see improvements in 2021. Regardless, companies are actively relooking into their workforce’s competencies and reskilling their staff to fill the gaps to be relevant and agile in adapting to the new normal.

The above is just the tip of an iceberg. The National Business Survey includes a much deeper look at the post-COVID environment, current trends in the business arena, and top challenges companies face today.   

Own a Copy

You can purchase a copy of the National Business Survey 2020/2021 Detailed Report today.  Alternatively, you may download a complimentary copy of the infographics edition here


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