New COVID-19 Entry Regulations for Pass Holders Entering from Certain Countries

Oct 30 2020

The Singapore Government has announced that with effect from 6th November 2020, Mainland China and Victoria State (Australia) will join the list of countries that are not required to serve the Stay Home Notice (“SHN”) if the pass holder is tested negative for COVID-19.

The full list of countries now include(s):-

  • Australia, excluding Victoria State
  • Brunei
  • Mainland China (for arrivals in Singapore from 6 November 2020)
  • New Zealand
  • Victoria State (Australia) (for arrivals in Singapore from 6 November 2020)
  • Vietnam

Things to Note

For pass holders who have spent the last 14 consecutive days in any of the above place(s) before entering Singapore, and did not transit through other countries / regions, the process to enter Singapore is now generally as follows:-

  1. Company to apply for the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) Entry Approval within 30 days of estimated arrival
  2. MOM approves Entry Approval
  3. Book the COVID-19 arrival test
    a. $196 including GST
    b. Booking and payment can be made here
  4. Pass holder arrives on declared date, take COVID-19 test at the airport
  5. Pass holder goes to the declared accommodation immediately, and to remain isolated in their accommodation facility
  6. Wait for COVID-19 test results to be emailed
    a. Usually within 1-2 working days
  7. Once the test results are obtained and declared negative, the pass holder is free to leave the accommodation facility 

The full list of the employer and pass holder’s responsibilities when entering Singapore can be found here:




  • 澳大利亚(维多利亚州除外)
  • 文莱
  • 中国 (在11月6日午夜或之后入境新加坡)
  • 新西兰
  • 维多利亚州(澳大利亚)(在11月6日午夜或之后入境新加坡)
  • 越南



  1. 雇主在工作准证持有者抵达新加坡前的30天内申请新加坡人力部 (MOM)的入境许可 (Entry Approval)。
  2. 人力部批准入境许可的申请
  3. 预约在樟宜机场需要接受的核酸检测
    1. 核酸检测的费用为196新元(含消费税)
    2. 可以在预约和付款
  4. 工作准证持有者在申报的日期抵达新加坡, 在机场接受核酸检测
  5. 接受核酸检测后,工作准证持有者须搭乘雇主所准备的私人交通、出租车或网约车从机场前往已申报的住所。并在确认核酸检测结果呈阴性之前,工作准证持有者须在住所进行隔离。
  6. 等待核酸检测结果的电邮
    1. 核酸检测结果通常会在1-2天内出具
  7. 在收到核酸检测结果呈阴性的通知后,工作准证持有者便可在新加坡进行自由活动。


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