Work Pass Required for Dependants Seeking Work

Mar 10 2021
Dependant's Pass

Effective 1 May 2021, Dependant Pass (“DP”) holders will need a valid work pass—an Employment Pass, S Pass or a Work Permit—in place of the Letter of Consent (“LOC”). However, existing Dependent Pass LOC holders are still allowed to continue working until their LOC expires.

Moving forward, employers will need to apply for a valid work pass for their employees. Please take note that the qualifying salary for different work passes will apply along with the dependency ratio ceiling and/or levies. Details on the requirements and application processes for the types of work pass can be found below:

Dependant Pass holders who are business owners

A business owner who is an existing DP holder may continue to run his business with the existing LOC, provided his business creates local employment opportunities and satisfies the following criteria:

1. The DP holder is a sole proprietor, partner or company director with at least 30 per cent shareholding in the business; and

2. The company hires at least one Singaporean/Permanent Resident who earns the minimum wage as detailed in the prevailing Local Qualifying Salary (currently S$1,400), and has received CPF contributions for at least three months.

For more information please refer to MOM’s website at

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At PayrollServe, we have you covered with services that include work pass application, appeal (if necessary), and the renewal and cancellation of the different types of work pass:

  • Work Permit
  • EntrePass
  • Employment Pass (“EP”)
  • S Pass (“SP”)

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