Chief Technology Officer-as-a-Service (CTO-as-a-Service) - Digitalisation made simple for SMEs

May 4 2022

Accelerated by COVID-19, digitalisation is now a ‘must have’ even for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Digitalisation allows SMEs to do more with less and explore new markets, enabling them to compete with the bigger players in the industry. E-commerce platforms help SMEs expand geographical boundaries and digital technologies significantly enhance productivity, customer experience, and supply chain interactions.

SME Digitalisation Challenges

Despite higher adoption of digital transformation, only two in five SMEs perceive their efforts to be successful1. Digitalisation can be intimidating. Unfamiliarity with the subject matter and start-up costs deter SMEs from taking the plunge. Busy business leaders just do not have the time or resources to go through the tedious trial and error process when digitalising.


Professional CTOs at no cost

IMDA’s CTO-as-a-Service gives SMEs the confidence to go digital by providing more handholding and holistic support with its fully-funded in-depth digital advisory and project management support services. SMEs also have convenient access to digital tools to self-assess their digital readiness, and search and compare subsided, market-proven digital solutions.

CTOaaS Stone Forest


1 |   Digital Advisory - Digitalisation2SME™

Many SMEs seek help from the initiative because they do not know where to start. With our Digitalisation2SMETM support, business leaders benefit more than just identifying the right digital solution.


Thought leadership programme

Our bite-size self-learn videos help busy business leaders like yourself to start with the right mind-set and level of commitment.  Accessible on our AvailEaseTM SME collaboration portal, you can learn about digitalisation fundamentals and IT best practices anywhere, anytime.


Holistic digital advisory

During our one-on-one digtalisation2SMETM consultation session, we help SMEs align their digital objectives and business strategy, and identify digitalisation priorities with practical business use cases. Beyond digital solution recommendations, we also address the broader digitalisation aspects including cybersecurity, data protection, reskilling and upskilling, and change management.


Value-added resources and training

To further help SMEs build a strong digitalisation foundation, we equip SMEs with ready-to-use useful guides like our Vendor Assessment Checklist and IT project management playbook. IT security and PDPA webinars are also made available to instill a digitally secure culture.       



2 |   Project Management - PM2SME™

Unsure how to project manage the implementation of your digital solution and your solution vendor? Our PM2SMETM support can help you achieve optimal digital outcomes.  


Independent communications bridge

Participating in project meetings together with you, our digital advisor will offer objective advice to help align the project scope, KPIs, and capabilities between you, the business-oriented SME and the technically-driven digital solutions vendor.  


Safety net

To ensure a smooth digitalisation journey, we act as your second pair of eyes to highlight potential roadblocks and technology risks, and proactively advice on the appropriate mitigation measures.  


Project templates and checklists

Facilitating project management beyond giving practical advice, we provide useful project management templates and checklists to ensure proper documentation, and KPI and timeline tracking.



Interested to find out more about CTO-as-a-Service?

Check out our website to understand the SME edibility criteria and find out how we have simplified going digital for SMEs. Alternately you can contact us for a non-obligatory chat to find out more.

To self-access your digital readiness, please visit IMDA’s CTO-as-a-Service web platform.