Cutting Operational Costs through Centralisation of IT Assets

Aug 28 2019
Stone Forest IT
Industrial (Power Systems)_Cutting Operational Cost through Centralisation of IT Assets_Sage 300 migration

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Industry: Power Systems 
Solution: Sage 300 migration and improved business continuity

  • Significantly lower operational costs
  • Cost-effective use of human resources
  • Greater data management efficiency and information security
  • Peace of mind over business continuity


Established over a century ago, the client produces power systems for land vehicles, aircraft and ships. With many offices in the Asia-Pacific region, the client faced a huge challenge in managing the diverse IT infrastructures and multiple applications of the different entities. The large number of physical IT assets in these offices also led to escalating operational costs.

Seeking a solution, the client approached Stone Forest IT (SFIT) for assistance to centralise the management and support of all regional entities’ IT assets in its Singapore office, as well as to strengthen business continuity.


After evaluating the client’s requirements, SFIT recommended the following actions:

  • Migrate client’s existing Sage 300 accounting system in China and data in all regional entities to a new centralised server in Singapore
  • Grant business users in all regional entities access to Sage 300 via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Establish robust information security controls and a disaster recovery plan to strengthen business continuity


Following implementation of the centralised system, the client has achieved several benefits:

  • Cost-effective use of human resources as fewer employees are now required to manage the centralised system
  • Greater data management efficiency and information security for all regional entities
  • Peace of mind over business continuity

The successful deployment is a result of SFIT’s extensive experience in providing clients with solutions to meet specific business needs.


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