IRAS API Service for Income Tax Submission

Oct 7 2021
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In line with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s (IRAS) initiative to improve tax submission process, payroll vendors are encouraged to provide API (Application Programming Interface) for direct submissions of employees’ income tax. Effective from Year of Assessment (YA) 2023, employers are strongly encouraged to use API-enabled payroll software, as the Auto-inclusion Scheme’s (AIS) offline application will be decommissioned by end 2022.

Modes of Submission for Employment Income via Payroll System

  • Auto-inclusion Scheme (AIS)

Employers have to prepare the employment income information in IRAS’s format through a payroll software, validate through AIS offline application process, and submit it to IRAS electronically.

Employers who do not use payroll software may use the AIS offline application to prepare and submit employment income information to IRAS. All AIS offline applications will be processed by December 2022 before it is decommissioned.

Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS)

  • AIS Application Programming Interface (API) Service or IRAS API

An API is a software intermediary that enables interaction of data between two applications. With the new API service, file validation will be integrated into a compatible payroll system where employment income information will be verified against IRAS’s validation logic, and seamlessly transfer the processed information to the tax portal.


How will this benefit employers?

Employers will get to enjoy the ease of and convenience in submitting income tax applications with a single log-in. Firms that use a payroll software with API feature will enable them to submit their IRAS forms without having to exit the payroll software.

IRAS API is available for PayDay! Solutions for YA2022

PayrollServe is rolling out the IRAS API this year to allow users to submit their income tax directly to IRAS with our PayDay! Solutions.

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