Non-profit Healthcare Provider Enhances Wireless Network Coverage and Security

Aug 29 2019
Stone Forest IT
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Industry: NPO/ Healthcare 
Solution: Network Infrastructure Improvements 

  • Complete on-site wireless network coverage
  • Enhanced network security
  • Optimised network performance


A non-profit healthcare provider suffered from significant network congestion and a lack of network access in certain areas due to poor wireless connectivity. It also sought to improve network security beyond that provided by its existing firewall. Consequently, it approached Stone Forest IT (SFIT) for assistance in improving its network infrastructure to effectively address these issues.


After assessing the client’s pain points, SFIT improved its network infrastructure by:

  • Conducting a pre-deployment site survey to determine ideal wireless access point locations for optimised network connectivity within all parts of the client’s premises
  • Reconfiguring the client’s existing firewall and implementing a unified threat management solution as an additional security layer
  • Implementing an enterprise wireless solution with multiple login authentication methods
  • Segregating the client’s network into separate segments for different groups of users to minimise the possibility of congestion and strengthen security


After the successful implementation, the client enjoyed several benefits:

  • Complete on-site wireless network coverage
  • Enhanced network security
  • Optimised network performance with greater bandwidth availability and transmission speed

The successful implementation is a result of SFIT’s in-depth experience in supporting multiple technologies and network applications in diverse networking environments. We offer dynamic network and IT architecture strategies that balance functionality, reliable connectivity and cost.


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