JSS to Extend to March 2021

Aug 18 2020

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced in his ministerial statement on 17 August 2020 that the Government will extend the Job Support Scheme (“JSS”) to March 2021.

Revised Jobs Support Scheme (Overview)

 Payout Month  Based on wages paid in Tier 1  Tier 2   Tier 3
 1st Payout Apr 2020  Oct - Dec 2019   75%  50%  25%
 2nd Payout  Jul 2020  Feb - Mar 2020  75%  50%  25%
 Apr 2020  75%  75%
 3rd Payout  Oct 2020  May 2020  75%  75%  75%
 Jun - Aug 2020  50%  25%
 4th Payout  Mar 2021
 Sep - Dec 2020  50%  30%  10%
 5th Payout  Jun 2021
 Jan - Mar 2021  50%  30%  10%

Tier 1 Sectors

Under the extended JSS scheme, companies in the aerospace, aviation, and tourism sectors will receive wage subsidies of 50 per cent for seven more months. 

For the built environment sector, wage support will be at 50 per cent for two more months before being lowered to 30 per cent from November 2020 to March 2021.

Tier 2 Sectors

The arts & entertainment, food services, land transport, marine & offshore, and retail sectors will receive wage support at 30 per cent for another seven months.

Tier 3 Sectors

For large majority of the remaining sectors, wage support will be at 10 per cent for wages paid until March 2021.

With the exception of selected Tier 3 Sectors--Biomedical Sciences, Financial Services, Information & Communications, Technology & Media, Precision Engineering, Electronics, and Online Retail & Supermarkets--wage support of 10 per cent will be given for four more months to cover wages paid up to December 2020. The JJS scheme will cease support for these sectors after December 2020.

Companies that are not allowed to resume on-site operations during phased re-opening will receive Tier 1 support of 50 per cent from September 2020 to March 2021 or until they are authorised to resume operations.


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IRAS Jobs Support Scheme

https://www.iras.gov.sg/irashome/schemes/businesses/jobs-support-scheme--JSS-/ .


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