More than a Platinum Status Holder

Aug 30 2021
More than a Platinum Status Holder

More than a Platinum Status Holder

We are pleased to announce that our accounting services division, AccountServe is now a Xero Platinum accounting partner. This elevated status brings to our clients greater assurance in our services and deliverables.  It is a testament of our expansive, hands-on experience in cloud accounting implementation.

Torchbearer of Service Excellence

We understand that being placed on hold on the phone for an extended period of time and communicating with bots can be unpleasant. What makes us absolutely different from our peers is our ability to blend the best in technology and human touch which is so sorely lacking in many cloud technology adoptions we have witnessed. We make it a point to personally attend to our clients as we understand that bots are unable to resolve their issues most of the time. What our clients need are real humans who can hear them, understand their needs, process the information collected, and solve their problems or help them grow.  

We are guided by our mission to help clients drive growth through simplicity. Our professionals assume the roles of an accountant, finance manager, and business advisor. Clients benefit not just from our technology-based solutions, they also enjoy personalised services and practical assistance and advice. With more than 30 years’ of experience servicing the accounting and financial needs of businesses, we have the depth of expertise and experience in helping clients resolve challenges of various complexity and magnitude – locally and beyond Singapore.  

Leverage our Global Network

We are able to support our clients who are venturing or have overseas operations. Whether it is to set up or to manage any overseas operational challenges, our network of colleagues on the ground will be able to assist. 

Consult our specialists to find out how our team can assist you in growing your business or guiding you at every step of your entrepreneurial and digitalisation journeys. 

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