We can facilitate the incorporation of offshore companies in different jurisdictions (e.g. British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, etc) which include checking and reservation of your proposed offshore company's name and preparing the necessary paper works for incorporation of your offshore company. If you need an existing offshore company, we can also provide you a list of shell companies from major jurisdictions for your selection.

In an increasingly globalised world, it is imperative for businesses to expand, branch out globally, and keep pace with the dynamic international marketplace. Through our close working relationship with partners within the RSM network, we can assist to expand your business to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.


Expand your business internationally with support from the RSM Network
  • 41,000 staff
  • 750 offices
  • 116 countries

In addition, Enterprise singapore (formerly IE Singapore) has designed the MRA Grant to accelerate the international expansion of Singapore SMEs by supporting pre-determined activities focused on helping companies in setting up overseas, identification of business partners and overseas market promotion.

For more information, contact us now and let us explore the possibilities to expand internationally with you.

Going into China

We work closely with our China-based network firm, SBA Stone Forest to ease the business owners' transition of entering China, helping them to navigate the complex rules and regulations to set up operations there.

SBA Stone Forest Corporate Advisory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (SBASF), is a Corporate Advisory and CPA group that focus on serving foreign-owned enterprises in China since 2001. SBASF is a fully-owned subsidiary of Stone Forest, the largest accounting and business advisory group outside the Big 4 in Singapore, established since 1985.

SBASF adopts international standards and best practices, while delivering Singapore-quality services. At the same time, they have developed a strong local knowledge and understanding of getting things done faster and more effectively for their clients. Headquartered in Shanghai with branch offices in Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Hangzhou, they help foreign investors to form legal entities in China smoothly.

Compliance in China - Our Solution

Besides common compliance challenges when operating in another country, foreign firms in China also face a unique challenge — the need to comply with regulations requiring and governing the use of official company seals. Consequently, foreign firms have to address multiple concerns associated with the use of such seals to avoid financial and other penalties for non-compliance.

Developed by SBASF, C3 (representing Custody, Compliance and Certification), is an online tool that offers a comprehensive solution to help your business build a robust system of internal control, mitigate business risk and ensure corporate compliance with ease in China.

Doing Business in ASEAN


Growth opportunities continue to remain abundant as ASEAN nations foster greater economic integration with the ASEAN Economic Community. As a growing number of international businesses continue to strengthen their footprint in the region, it paves the way for greater investment opportunities and partnerships in finance, infrastructure, manufacturing and other industries.

To learn more about ASEAN, download your free copy of “Doing Business in ASEAN” HERE!

The Guidebook serves as a useful reference for business owners and investors seeking to learn more about ASEAN and its member states, as well as about existing regional initiatives and those that are still under negotiations. It aims to empower businesses looking to use Singapore as a springboard to the region and help them land confidently and on a firm footing.

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