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A development and engineering company, FGE Control Pte Ltd specialises in marketing high-technology equipment and packages to the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical, marine, offshore, water and waste water, aerospace and education sectors. The company serves both local and international markets and offers a wide range of products and services.

Client Testimonial


"PayrollServe gives us the assurance that our confidential payroll and HR data are well protected, as well as peace of mind over compliance with the latest regulations. We are also glad to enjoy the benefits of payroll outsourcing at an affordable price due to PayrollServe’s status under the HRSS Grant. "

  • Richard Ong
  • General Manager, FGE Control Pte Ltd


FGE Control faced several challenges in payroll and HR management. Creating and updating spreadsheets for employees’ payroll and HR data was a time-consuming process. The HR and Finance staff also had to spend much time checking the accuracy of the calculations when the data is updated each month to ensure compliance with MOM and CPF regulations.

Seeking to enhance payroll and HR management efficiency, FGE Control found the solution in PayrollServe’s Payroll Outsourcing service.



After FGE Control handed management of its payroll and HR functions to PayrollServe, the management team saw instant benefits. With PayrollServe handling much of its routine work, FGE Control’s HR & Finance team is now able to focus on strategic activities.

As PayrollServe calculates remunerations and statutory contributions in line with the latest payroll and HR regulations, FGE Control avoids the hassle of making payroll calculations and enjoys peace of mind over compliance. “In the past, it took the team a few hours to run payroll and ensure the accuracy of data,” said General Manager Richard Ong. “Now, we get an accurate payroll in less than 30 minutes.”

PayrollServe’s SSAE 16 compliant status also gives FGE Control the assurance that its data confidentiality is well protected. “Using spreadsheets, it was difficult to ensure that the documents were secure. There was also the risk of losing all information with the wrong click of a button,” said Richard. “With PayrollServe taking care of our sensitive data, the stress on our team has been greatly reduced.”

As an added benefit, FGE Control would receive funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs for the outsourcing service as PayrollServe is a service provider appointed by SPRING Singapore under its HR Shared Services (HRSS) Grant.

FGE Control’s staff can also use PayrollServe’s free PayDay! HR Management Solution (HRMS) mobile app to view their itemised payslips anytime, anywhere.

Appreciative of how its service has greatly simplified payroll and HR management for the company, Richard highly recommends PayrollServe to all businesses.