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Lex Travel Pte Ltd is a one-stop travel solution centre providing a host of inbound services to business and leisure travellers. As a testament of its high level of service quality, the company is registered under the Singapore Tourism Board and a proud member of established travel and MICE associations.

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"PayDay! has streamlined our payroll process to give us maximum cost and time savings. It’s amazing that what used to take half a day to complete can now be accomplished in mere seconds. "

  • Frankie Ho Shien Fong
  • Director, Lex Travel Pte Ltd


Initially, Lex Travel used Excel spreadsheets for its payroll processes. But with the establishment of Singapore’s two Integrated Resorts, the demand for Lex Travel’s services soared and the company underwent rapid expansion. As its staff strength grew exponentially from 24 to more than 90 employees, the company found it too time-consuming to use Excel for its payroll processes.

Calculating staff salaries monthly was an extremely tedious task that required the HR team to record each employee’s overtime, allowance and claims in Excel spreadsheets. In addition, to ensure compliance with payroll regulations, HR staff had to constantly check the CPF website for updates and make the changes manually before remitting payments to CPF by post. This process was not only unproductive — taking the team half a day to complete each month — but also prone to human error.



Searching for an efficient, cost-effective and scalable solution, Lex Travel decided to adopt PayDay! Payroll Management Software. Despite having little experience with the software, the HR team had no trouble implementing, navigating and using the system immediately. The team from PayrollServe also provided guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition to the new solution.

With quick-fill forms and convenient dashboard views, the HR team can now easily record, update and calculate monthly payroll. In addition, the solution’s customisable report generator allows the company to submit its reports directly to CPF online, as well as pay staff salaries and make CPF payments through GIRO automatically with just a few clicks. Staying compliant is now a breeze. Most importantly, PayDay! reduced the time needed to run the entire payroll process each month from half a day to just a few minutes.