Achieving HR Efficiency in Healthcare industry

In the past decade, Singapore has established herself as one of the world class healthcare hub with highly experienced doctors and equipped medical facilities. Attracting talents from all around the world, HR is facing an extremely diversified workforce. To add on, the healthcare industry has one of the widest permutations of shifts patterns, overtime and remunerations.



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By utilising the Employee Self Service (ESS) function, it is one of the fastest methods to achieve payroll and HR efficiency, which in turn achieve savings. ESS allows employees to access and update their records anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, the use of mobile applications is so widely accepted that people now embraces mobile access. With the help of these mobile technologies, HR can deliver itemised payslips to the employees without printing hardcopies and worrying misplacing them.


The healthcare industry has one of the widest permutations of shifts patterns, overtime and remunerations. It is common that overtime pay might be overlooked. Moreover, manually reporting employees’ year-end taxes can be stressful too.

With the assistance of a payroll service provider or system helps to keep track and update from the back end, this will help to reduce the company’s exposure to compliance risk.


It now only takes a few minutes to process payroll. Reports, CPF and bank files are also automatically generated. This simplifies the whole manual payroll process.

- Dr. Jimmy Chew, Director

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Facing the complexity of payroll and HR in the healthcare industry, it is unsurprising that the rate of payroll and HR automation is high. Coupled with the constant updates of the employment regulations, most companies see benefits in deploying a robust system or engage a trustworthy payroll provider.

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"All the information is easily accessible with just one click and there is no need to have any prior knowledge to payroll. This has made my life easier and I no longer need to worry about not meeting the legal requirements for submission of the various documents."

  • Dr. Jimmy Chew
  • Director, OneCare Medical
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