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The term “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” (FMCG) is a common term used to describe the retail world and it applies to their manpower resources too. As employees deal directly with the customers, it is important to engage your employees, and them in turn engaging your customers.



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Save time by automating your payroll and HR process.

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More retail companies are exploring HR service providers or software to reduce the pressures of non-core functions, in order to focus on strategic and revenue-generating activities. Some solutions we recommend to our clients are to outsource the routine HR function such as payroll and manage their benefits with a system which can seamlessly integrate with the payroll

It now takes the HR team 1-2 days less to accomplish its monthly tasks. With PayDay! HRMS, KJ Empire can enjoy efficient HR management as it continues to grow and expand its operations.

- Wilfred Oh, Accounts Executive

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Similar to the increasing trend for retailers to implement loyalty programs, we also see a demand of retail companies moving from manual tracking to using a software. This will help to increase the productivity of the HR team and also to stay in touch with their employees.

Integrating the Employee Self-Service (ESS) and mobile application is another factor many retails companies are considering. It can be another form of communication means. It takes lot of communication and coordination to engage a diverse workforce, retain talents and managing HR cost. With the help of HR technology, retail business should see an overall improvement.

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"PayDay! HRMS has answered our hopes for an efficient HR management system. By eliminating manual and time-consuming tasks, PayDay! HRMS has truly enabled us to raise our productivity levels to even greater heights. "

  • Wilfred Oh
  • Assistant Executive, KJ Empire

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