The SaaS Environment in China

As companies worldwide continue to gravitate towards digitisation, a growing number of businesses are looking to SaaS (“Software as a Service”) or cloud-based services to manage and centralise functions such as office automation, supply chain management, financial system, Travel & Expenses (“T&E”) system, and ensure total compliance on statutory requirements in China. Building a centralised information depository helps companies to store information for easy retrieval and update in real time and remotely. SaaS also offers lower upfront costs as compared to traditional software downloading, installation, and licensing. 

Regardless, SMEs in China are still struggling with the adoption of SaaS in fear of cyber threats and cyber thefts, system migration, and cost. These are invariably real issues. However, we have the expertise and experience to help you migrate from traditional business model to the cloud environment with minimal hassle.

Customisable Solutions for Businesses

We understand that the way we manage and do business are always changing, thus we tailor them to meet your business requirements:

automation (2)

Office Automation System

Building of contactless offices

financial (1)

Financial System

Ensure total compliance on statutory requirements in China, meeting accounting and tax compliance regulations, and protect financial data from frauds and thefts

dashboard (1)

Intelligent Dashboard

A platform that shows effective financial data for management to make decisions

travel (1)

T&E System

A cost-effective T&E system that enhances procedures efficiently

centralized (2)

Supply Chain System

A centralised system that ensures smooth operation of operational cycle which includes product, information and logistic flow

Holistic Business Support for Seamless Implementation  

We offer holistic support from engaging third-party IT support teams, supervising the whole migration process to appointing PMP Certified managers to lead the entire project:

SaaS China

Offering Our Support  

We have extensive experience in supporting companies:

  • Highly Efficient: We identify and implement the most suitable SaaS platform based on your requirements and business model, letting you enjoy the benefits from adopting SaaS within the shortest time possible
  • Cost Saving: We outsource R&D and IT teams to help you save cost from building a dedicated project team, hence reducing maintenance and staff training costs
  • Professional Services: Our professional teams with IT and finance knowledge will see you through the entire process and serve as a bridge between you and the appointed vendors to make sure that every step is smoothly taken to the completion of the project


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