Solving the Pain Points for Foreign Owned Companies in China

China is a strategic market in any multinational company’s expansion plans. Achieving success in the China market is crucial to the company’s success in benefiting from the high growth potential of the Asia Pacific market.

However, China’s huge market, complex legal and regulatory requirements, and ever-changing business environment present many challenges for foreign companies doing business in the country or seeking to expand there. One strategy is to harness local knowledge and have a reliable local team to support their market entry and business expansion in China.

Finding a suitable partner to support your business in China is vital to start off on the right foot there and build a strong foundation from the beginning. Here are a few areas you should evaluate if you are considering China as a choice destination to expand into:

  • Investment structure & business formation — Is your chosen investment vehicle the most suitable for your business model?
  • Profit repatriation channel — Are you maximising your profits?
  • Human resource issues — How to safeguard your interests and optimise staff retention?

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