Reconstruction and rectification of accounting records ensure all accounting entries are correctly reflected in the books. Where accounting records no longer exist or are incomplete due to delayed entries, unsupported transactions, data lost due to glitches in accounting system, false entries and poor documentation, you will need to reconstruct your financial records to make better judgments and decisions for your business.

Support at every stage of the business life cycle 

Reconstruction of accounting records is required where a company experience some of these changes in its business life cycle:

  • Looking at sustainable growth
  • Undergoing an organisational change or transformation of the accounting team
  • Under a merger and acquisition or wish to get public listed
  • In the process of a liquidation and need to undergo tax de-registration and tax inspection
  • Internal issues identified during an internal or external audit
  • Accounts reconciliation to align with GAAP reporting standards
  • Migrating existing records to the new system

How do we help?

1) We have to first understand our clients’ background and business model in order to prescribe the right solution.
2) Based on the scope of service, we will provide the Provided by Client (“PBC”) list and collect the relevant information.
3) We will perform a detailed analysis of the provided information and ascertain the impact.We will then provide the appropriate ratification suggestions.
4) Before we close the project, we will perform a final review and make provision for future improvements.

Process Workflow

Reconstruction steps

Engage us today

Our extensive experience in finance and accounting processes enables us to provide you with relevant and customised solutions. Whether you need to review your company's accounts in compliance with local regulations, execute appropriate measures through the reconstruction and rectification of your  accounting records, system migration, or make strategic business decisions, we are ready to work through these challenges with you.

Key contact: 

Vicky Wei
Associate Director