As technology transforms processes and jobs, accounting rules and standards only get more complex. No company today – big or small – can afford to ignore the importance of employing qualified finance and accounting staff who can help navigate these complexities. 

From professional background checks, on-boarding talent programmes to ongoing trainings for our staff, our systematic approach to talent management helps to attract and secure the right pool of quality professionals to drive your business forward. We allow you to easily access high-calibre accounting and finance professionals without the hassle of hiring full-time staff.

We find the right minds for the right businesses.

Our Diverse Services for your Peace of Mind


Shared Service Centre

Get quick access to high-calibre professionals for short/ long term Finance and Accounting manpower needs

√ Accounts Receivables and Payables  

√ Treasury Management

√ General Ledger 

Project Outsourcing

Find the right candidates for your special projects. We deploy only the most senior and experienced staff to these assignments, as they demand a high level of technical, interpersonal, negotiation and diplomacy skills:

√ System Change and Data Migration

√ Finance Team Restructuring

√ Urgent Project/ Crisis Management  

3-6 months Short-term Outsourcing

For a short-term boost to ensure smooth operation during peak periods, or when you need specialised, skilled candidates to deal with unexpected challenges, we have you covered:

√ Short-term Cover

√ Sudden Workload Increase

√ Unplanned Headcount Movements

√ Business Reorganisation and Restructuring

Benefits of Outsourcing to SBA Stone Forest


 Cost Reduction

√ Customised fee solution according to your business requirements

√ Improve business performance and drive profits

Increase Productivity

√ Maximise efficient use of resources  

√ Free up resources to focus on pressing and strategic issues

√ Save recruitment and training costs 

√ Timely Project Monitoring

√ Customised Project SOP

Professional Services

√ Get professional advice with absolute confidentiality

√ Timely delivery of services

√ Experienced industry-focused experts to ensure employers and candidates are well-matched

√ Project Manager with Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certificate

√ Regulations compliance

√ Talent management programme to ensure quality of every hire

Hear From Our Clients

Increased Business Efficiency and Cost Savings (Shared Service Centre)

business Background

A client of ours is one of the world's largest fashion retailers, with over 7,000 stores in 96 markets. 

partnership (1) Requirements 

The Client required accounting experts to handle functions such as account receivables and payables, treasury management function and administrative support, within short notice.

presentation Solutions

The Client appointed our Shanghai Accounting team as Shared Service Centre to   streamline, segregate and compile the financial reports. We engaged and trained our accounting professionals to work with the Client’s project leads across multiple global locations, ensuring smooth and successful project implementation.


 Our Value
This partnership led to increased business efficiency and significant cost savings for the Client.


"It was a pleasure to work with the SBASF team. We are looking forward to many more years with you."

Speed is of the Essence (Project Outsourcing)

business Background

The client is a leading life science company, based in the USA. 

partnership (1) Requirements 

The Client had lost important accounting information due to a technical error in their ERP system. They appointed our outsourced finance manager to manage their accounts payable function and help to recover the lost data.

presentation Solutions

We provided a project team consisting a PMP certified finance manager with over 10 years of relevant working experience and eight accountants experienced in the accounts payable function. The finance manager developed the daily work flow and reported her progress to the Client timely. 


 Our Value
She provided a feasible solution within a day and wrapped up the project within a week.


"The staff at SBASF are very diligent and responded on a timely manner. We look forward to a long-term relationship with SBASF." 

The Right Talent for the Right Job (Short-term Outsourcing)

business Background

Our client is a Hong Kong based MNC in the trading business. 

partnership (1) Requirements 

They were in need of a full-time accountant for three months, as their previous accountant left.

presentation Solutions

They appointed our professional accountant where he performed duties such as tax reconciliation, checking of journals, PRC reporting and tax filing. 


 Our Value
The client was very pleased with his work performance and attitude. This project reflected our robust talent management approach and holistic training programmes we provide our staff to ensure they are well-equipped with the right skillsets.


"Your employees are very professional. Their working attitude reflects a positive image of a professional consulting service company." 

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Successful businesses today understand that they will do better focusing on their core competencies and leave the critical business functions such as staffing to specialists like us. This will boost work productivity and keep costs low.

Partner with SBA Stone Forest today and let us plan strategically for your staffing needs, while you focus on growing your business.

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Associate Director

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