Managed IT for Professional Business Services 

The power of transformational IT 

While the professional and business services industry is formed by diverse sectors and have different growth drivers, the top challenges faced by businesses remain consistent. To maintain a competitive edge, many seek business partners to ease the burden of maintaining non-core but critical IT functions as well as to find the right technology strategy needed to support the growth their business.

Our modular suite of managed IT solution for professional business services comprises of a full range of IT essentials. We help to ensure your systems, information, infrastructure and people are always available and secure so you can focus on strategic and revenue-generating activities. Based on your unique business priorities, these can be bundled into a scalable fixed-fee user subscription model for a predictable spend.


SFIT understands the needs of professional service organizations and provides managed IT solutions that:

  • Simplify complexity, enabling business professionals to maximize their productivity
  • Protect confidential customer information and intellectual property from cyber theft
  • Scale efficiently to keep pace with organizational growth, while ensuring reliability
  • Comply with applicable regulations, including tax and securities guidelines and reporting

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Our clients include firms in a variety of service industries, including law, education, engineering and consulting, to name just a few.


The education sector (particularly in early development, nursery, childcare and kindergarten programmes and private education sector governed by the Council for Private Education) has become more regulated in Singapore and the region. The increased emphasis on accountability and transparency has left many institutions and schools lost and confused over how they can meet new expectations and comply with new requirements, as well as to inspire continued confidence from stakeholders and the public. We can help clients in the education sector with various solutions, including IT process improvements, enhanced data security, and cloud solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery.  



Technology continues to become more widely used in the legal sector. Data and the systems that manage, store and process it are becoming ever more crucial to law firms and in-house corporate legal departments. Our managed IT solutions for the legal sector is tailored to protect sensitive data and streamline day-to-day workflows, freeing your team to focus on their core mission: providing legal advice and guidance to clients.


In addition, for a holistic business outsourcing solution, as a Stone Forest group, we have the ability to provide a one-stop shop for all your backend functions you can free up valuable resources and focus on your growing your business with peace of mind. Since 1985, we have been assisting professional business services with the following:

  • Accounting, tax & advisory
  • Staffing, recruitment & pass services
  • Formation, compliance & advisory
  • Payroll outsourcing & HR advisory
  • Technology consulting & managed services