Business Continuity Planning Solution Enhances Agility and Data Security

Aug 30 2019
Stone Forest IT
PBS (Education)_Business Continuity Planning Solution Enhances Agility and Data Security_Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

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Industry: Education
Solution: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

  • Immediate BCP certification with zero findings
  • Peace of mind over regular data backup
  • Customisable and scalable backup solution
  • Improved business agility
  • Greater focus on strategic activities
  • Enhanced data security and PDPA compliance


A private educational institute sought business continuity planning (BCP) certification by an external auditor. However, achieving this was a significant challenge as its existing daily manual process of using external tape drives for data backup was time-consuming and led to concerns over slow data restoration should system failures occur. Such physical drives were unreliable and inefficient in the long run due to their short storage life and limited capacity. The challenge was also compounded by the institute’s rapid data volume growth. In response, it approached Stone Forest IT (SFIT) for a scalable and more efficient disaster recovery solution.


After assessing the client’s needs, SFIT formulated a robust business continuity plan and proposed a leading cloud-based disaster recovery solution — Microsoft Azure Site Recovery — that has the following features:

  • Regular automated cloud data backup
  • Remote IT health monitoring with almost immediate recovery
  • Allows creation of a separate non-intrusive environment to develop and test new technologies
  • Customisable and scalable recovery plans based on company policies
  • Encryption of customer data for secure transmission and storage


After implementation, the client enjoyed several benefits:

  • Achieved immediate BCP certification with zero findings
  • Peace of mind over regular data backup
  • Customisable and scalable data backup solution
  • Ability to test effectiveness of new technologies without operational disruptions enhances business agility
  • Time saved through new automated backup process allows greater focus on strategic activities
  • Greater data security and ease of compliance with Personal Data Protection Act

SFIT’s mix of consulting and a robust business continuity planning solution led to the successful implementation, allowing the client to meet its unique needs and enhance productivity.


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