Affordable backup & disaster recovery


Simplify the backup and recovery of your data and systems with AvailEase Managed Backup. Our cost-efficient and robust solutions, will help you eliminate unnecessary costs and worries while guaranteeing compliance to data protection regulatory standards.


AvailEase Managed Backup_M365 

Microsoft 365 Backup

Unlimited emails and documents backup beyond Microsoft's default 30-day retention period for basic plans.
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AvailEase Managed Backup_Server 

Server Backup

Effective and compliant backup and restore access to critical files to prevent costly business disruptions. 

AvailEase Managed Backup_Workstation 

Workstation Backup

Centrally manage and safeguard user data across all desktops and laptops, wherever they may be.

AvailEase Managed Backup_D365 

Dynamics 365 Backup

Extend CRM data availability beyond Microsoft's 28-day retention limitation.

AvailEase Backup management services includes: 
  • Hassle-free automated daily backups, multiple times a day for better point-in-time recovery
  • 24x7 monitoring, alerts and proactive incident management, including root cause analysis
  • Monthly data recovery testing to ensure business continuity   
  • Protection against cyber attacks and data leakages with up to 256-bit encryption
  • In-depth data search capability
  • Flexible data restoration options for better disaster recovery and RPO
  • Monthly backup reports and dashboard for data consumption insights and trend analysis 
  • Data backup and restoration policy advisory 
  • Compliant offsite backup
  • Predictable subscription-based pricing 

We also offer alternate work sites in the event your office no longer accessible. These fully functional work sites come equipped with the essential office facilities to immediately address your day-to-day employee working needs during a disaster or other business disruptions.

Comic strip illustrating data recovery failure caused by server error and how managed backup services can help you to restore the data

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