Affordable backup & disaster recovery


Simplify the backup and recovery of your data and systems with AvailEase Managed Backup. Our cost-efficient and robust solutions, will help you eliminate unnecessary costs and worries while guaranteeing compliance to data protection regulatory standards.


AvailEase Managed Backup_M365 

Microsoft 365 Backup

Unlimited emails and documents backup beyond Microsoft's default 30-day retention period for basic plans.
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AvailEase Managed Backup_Server 

Server Backup

Effective and compliant backup and restore access to critical files to prevent costly business disruptions. 

AvailEase Managed Backup_Workstation 

Workstation Backup

Centrally manage and safeguard user data across all desktops and laptops, wherever they may be.

AvailEase Managed Backup_D365 

Dynamics 365 Backup

Extend CRM data availability beyond Microsoft's 28-day retention limitation.

AvailEase Backup management services includes: 
  • Hassle-free automated daily backups, multiple times a day for better point-in-time recovery
  • 24x7 monitoring, alerts and proactive incident management, including root cause analysis
  • Monthly data recovery testing to ensure business continuity   
  • Protection against cyber attacks and data leakages with up to 256-bit encryption
  • In-depth data search capability
  • Flexible data restoration options for better disaster recovery and RPO
  • Monthly backup reports and dashboard for data consumption insights and trend analysis 
  • Data backup and restoration policy advisory 
  • Compliant offsite backup
  • Predictable subscription-based pricing 
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