Your cost-effective cybersecurity advisor, operational and compliance co-partner

Our CISO2SMETM service offers SMEs across industries including Financial Institutions (FIs) access to a team of experienced and certified cybersecurity practitioners who will support your appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). We will co-manage, secure and govern your cybersecurity program while minimising digitalisation risks as your business transforms.


Our CISO2SMETM  service covers: 

CISO2SME advisory

Information security advisory

Comprehensive security program with strategic guidance to protect against evolving, sophisticated cyber threats.  



Ready to use IT policies  

Proven proprietary SOPs and best practices for robust security and operations. This includes a checklist for 3rd party vendor security assessment.  


Security awareness training and PDPA updates 

Cyber hygiene fundamentals with cyber threat and PDPA updates to reinforce a culture of security among employees. For details of our upcoming training session, click here.

CISO2SME phishing exercise

Cybersecurity threat exercise 

Phishing simulation with detailed test report to assess your risk level among employees and address the awareness gap.


System, data backup and recovery strategy review

Review of your key security related strategies so you can meet your service level obligations to clients at all times.


Regulatory compliance and governance advisory

Due diligence checks to adhere to ever-changing regulatory and industrial requirements and/or guidelines (PDPA, ISO27001, MAS TRM, etc.)

Incident response mgt

Data breach management

Framework that covers swift containment, effective risk and impact analysis, and notification obligations to minimise data breach consequences.   


Vulnerability assessment

Review of the security weaknesses in your information system with recommended remediation and mitigation enhancements. 

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Achieved the ABS OSPAR Attestation to serve financial institutions
Over 30 years of supporting SMEs, including small to mid-sized FIs 

One-stop IT partner for IT Infrastructure, Security and Governance 

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MAS TRM Checklist

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