Effective risk management with SME cyber protection insurance


AvailEase is pleased to bring you greater cyber preparedness and assurance through our insurance partner, Delta Insurance Singapore. This is crucial given the rising number of cyber attacks and data breach cases in Singapore. With higher exposure comes tighter qualifications and higher premiums. However with this partnership, AvailEase clients will have easy access to cyber insurance at discounted premiums for a more cyber resilient business. 

What this means for you


cyber protection

Peace of mind 

Cyber insurance offers protection to deal with the costly financial burden associated with a cyber breach*.



Lower premiums

Implementing AvailEase's framework demonstrates due diligence in cybersecurity protection and risk management.  



Easier qualifications

AvailEase's proven and standardised IT processes eliminates the need for lengthy underwriting processes for qualified clients.


* Underwriting criteria apply. 

Do contact DELTA for the details regarding cyber insurance coverage and the list of underwriting criteria. While AvailEase offers this cyber insurance option readily to clients, we do not represent DELTA. Clients are encouraged to assess DELTA at their discretion and can approach DELTA directly for further advice on their cyber insurance offerings.  


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