Stay protected as you go digital

You have put your heart and soul into transforming your business, so it is crucial to protect it against rising cybersecurity threats with Cyber Insurance.

The higher risk exposure has made premiums more expensive and harder for SMEs to qualify with stricter requirements but we’ve got you covered!

With our proven IT management frameworks in place to safeguard against security risks and data breaches, AvailEase clients will have easy access to cyber insurance at discounted premiums.



Easier qualifications

Easier qualifications

AvailEase's proven and standardised IT processes eliminates the need for lengthy underwriting processes for qualified clients.


Lower premiums

Lower premiums

Implementing AvailEase's framework demonstrates due diligence in cybersecurity protection and risk management.  


Peace of mind

Peace of mind 

Access to incident response experts for swift threat handling and post breach recovery.


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