AvailEase_Annual cybersecurity & PDPA Training


This is a cybersecurity and PDPA awareness training webinar for businesses. The objective is to equip your employees with the security essentials to achieve a secure, compliant, and resilient business in today's digital world. In addition to regular cyber landscape and PDPA updates, our session will focus on different topics for end-user security and educate employees on how to identify, avoid, and protect against damaging cyber threats.


Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Overview of the current cybersecurity landscape
  2. Business guidelines on key PDPA provisions
  3. Mitigation measures for cyberattacks and PDPA data breaches
  4. Cyber hygiene best practices
  5. Available cybersecurity and data protection government initiatives and support

Event Details:

21 August 2024, Wednesday

Time:    3pm – 5pm
    Participants more than TEN minutes late will not be issued a Certificate of Participation. 
Fee per pax:    S$150 per seat (inclusive of GST)
    * PayNow payment details will be emailed to you upon registration.
      Training seat will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

    Complimentary for:
      1. AvailEase Managed Services clients (Training seats) 
      2. CTO-as-a-Service clients (Promo code required)
Webinar Registration Link: 


Note: Registration will close one week before the session (i.e. 14 August 2024)

Administrative Matters: 
  1. Each participant must register with their work email address. Multiple registration for teammates using the same email address will not be allowed.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent within 10 days from the date of registration. Do check your spam/junk mailbox.
  3. Do not share your unique webinar link with anyone.
  4. Each registration is entitled to ONE Certificate of Participation.
  5. Certificate of Participation will be emailed as a PDF softcopy to each participant with the sender name: Gutenbergcerts.com.
  6. Certificate of Participation will NOT be issued for any participant who is TEN minutes late and who does not complete the feedback form and the cybersecurity post-training quiz.
  7. Webinar slides and video recording will NOT be circulated at the end of the session.
  8. AvailEase Managed Services client contact liaisons can email Training@AvailEase.com to find out the number of eligible training seats available under your contract.  
  9. Participants are entitled to ONE CPE training point (Category: Information and Technology).

Importance of having Annual Cybersecurity & PDPA Training for Employees 

Under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), MAS TRM guidelines as well as for Cybersecurity audit compliance purposes, employee training on cybersecurity and PDPA awareness is a highly recommended best practice. Employees should attend at least ONE refresher course each year.

For your planning, we conduct this training twice a year – In February and August.

If you are looking for a more tailored or a dedicated security training session, do reach out to us. Our training sessions are led by experienced and certified security practitioners, and can be adjusted to suit your unique needs whatever your company size or sector. We also provide security training and tabletop exercises for Executives and Board of Directors.      

For other enquiries, please email Training@AvailEase.com or call +65 6594 7594

Note: The organiser reserves the right to change the venue, date and programme due to circumstances beyond our control.