Happy SMEs  

City Blue Boutique_CTOaaS_Stone Forest


City Blue Boutique

"Many times us SME just want to speak to someone who has the technical expertise to give us advise, show us where to start. Stone Forest definitely gave us many insights and we can be clear when presenting findings and recommendations to our management."


Alps Group Cloversoft_CTOaaS_Stone Forest


Alps Group 

"Stone Forest was efficient in linking us up with the relevant service providers to address our technology adoption and integration concerns, as well as growth objectives. Appreciate their fast response in narrowing down suitable market proven digital solutions to broaden our market reach both locally and abroad."


Auto Maxima_CTOaaS_Stone Forest


Auto Maxima

"Stone Forest provided useful information, insights, highlighted our digital gaps, and shared inputs on the right digital solutions to improve our order processing and inventory management processes, as well as how to maximise our sales data for informed decision making."


SCTP_CTOaaS_Stone Forest


Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals 

"Our digital consultant was very approachable. I appreciate their systematic approach in guiding us as we go digital. Practical advice was provided to address our IT security, data privacy and protection concerns so we can focus on supporting our members."


Utracon_CTOaaS_Stone Forest


Utracon Corporation

"The digitalisation advice and pointers provided by Stone Forest was easy to understand, especially for non IT savvy person like myself. The engaging consultancy session highlighted the right solutions to enhance real-time project monitoring and team collaboration. Useful advice on how to deal with employee resistance was also provided."


ProHealth Medical_CTOaaS_Stone Forest


ProHealth Medical Group

"Our digital consultant was sharp in identifying and aligning our business objectives and digital prioritises. With our digitalisation roadmap outlined, we have the confidence to deliver better medical care and customer experience and stay secure as we go digital."


How We Help



> Digital Advisory Services - Digitalisation2SMETM

Working with you to assess your business needs, find the most suitable digital solution and set you up for digital success.


CTOaaS Digital needs analysis

Digital Needs Analysis

Alignment of digital vision with  overall business strategy, and identification of digitalisation priorities with practical business use cases.    

CTOaaS roadmap

Digitalisation Roadmap Planning 

Step-by-step digitalisation framework with clear action plans and resource planning to ensure digital strategy results match aspirations.

CTOaaS solution recommendation

Solutions Recommendation 

Value-based review of possible digital solutions for competitive advantage and successful growth.

CTOaaS cyber and data security

Cyber and Data Security

Cybersecurity and data protection advisory to stay secure and compliant as you go digital. 

CTOaaS iLearn

Self-help Learning Videos

Quick self-learn videos about digitalisation fundamentals, and IT policies - anytime, anywhere.

CTOaaS value added services

Value-added Services

Downloadable useful resources including IT policies, IT project management playbook, and Vendor Assessment Checklist. Complimentary seats to IT security and PDPA webinar. 

CTO-as-a-Service_Digitalisation2SME advisory 

CTOs for hire help SMEs save time in going digital, meet cyber-security needs 

Read the full Straits Time article here >

> Project Management Support - PM2SMETM

Helping you project manage the implementation of your selected digital solution.


CTOaaS Project prep

Project Preparation Consultancy 

Evaluation of digital needs of the business against selected PSG solution for optimal digital outcomes.

CTOaaS kick-off

Project Kick-off 
Represent SME as digital project manager and coordinate with solution vendor to align capabilities and KPIs. 
CTOaaS progree update

Project Progress Meetings

Project timeline and deliverable monitoring with recommendations for better processes and controls.  

CTOaaS - Quality and risk advisory

Quality Assurance and Risk Advisory 
Identification of potential roadblocks and technology risks with mitigation recommendations.   
CTOaaS change management

Change Management and Transformation Advisory

User training coordination with solution vendor and advisory to facilitate buy-ins and user adoption.

CTOaaS value added services

Value-added Services

Complimentary seats to RSM and Stone Forest Group events on topics relating to business, market trends, and technology.