Enable Secure Digital Payments with your Accounting System


BankLinkTM works with any accounting systems to process digital payments and collections through internet banking or GIRO. Enhance finance ERP digitalisation and simplify Bank integration by integrating accounting (AR and AP) processes between your business and the Bank to eliminate the need to manually deal with paper payment vouchers or cheques. This also helps you save on cheque processing costs. 


Make Digital Payments Confidently and Efficiently in 4 Simple Steps

Compatible with any ERP software  |  Multi-bank integration 


 BankLink_AR AP Entry
Staff inputs AR / AP transactions into the accounting system
 BankLink_Secure authorisation
Approver verifies and authorises the transactions
 BankLink_Batch processing with a click
BankLinkTM generates encrypted Bank's file for internet banking
 BankLink_3-way matching and audit
Staff uploads Bank's file. BankLinkTM updates the accounting system

Benefits of BackLink includes avoid scam payments, confidently approve payment and reduce processing cost.

BankLinkTM works with:

DBS | OCBC | SCB | HSBC | UOB | Maybank | CIMB | Amex | ABN AMRO | Mizuho | Sumitomo Mitsui | Bank of Tokyo | Westpac | BNP Paribas | JPMorgan | ANZ | Citibank | Bank of America

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Happy SMEs



F&B Chain with 11 Brands

“Our employee productivity is much higher today; the same number of employees can handle a bigger volume.”


Independent Education Institution

“Our AR and AP processing time was cut down from a day to less than a minute. We have peace of mind with standardised internal controls. Now, every transaction is secure and tracked so there will be no scams.”



The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) sets out plans for Singapore to be cheque-free by 2025. As corporate cheques phase out: What does it mean for businesses? 


Phasing out cheques is not endgame for businesses – instead, this curtain call would open three more doors for you.


1  |  Significantly reduce expenses associated with cheque processing

Since 1 November 2023, the Domestic Systematically Important Banks (D-SIBs)2 have implemented charges for clearing cheque issued by both individuals and corporates, while other banks will do so by July 2024.


2  |  Enjoy near-instant payment and receipt of funds

What would normally take about 2 to 3 business days to process can be done in minutes. Manhours previously spent on administrating cheques can now be meaningfully redirected to other work areas.

3  |  Do your part in saving the earth

Go paperless. A business’ green efforts – from its supply chains to financial practices – may influence today's more earth conscious customers to support your company.

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