Build your data protection program with DPO2SMETM

Our DPO2SMETM service provides growing businesses with a pre-set of strategic and tactical essentials to quickly set up and co-manage a PDPA compliant data protection program. Backed by a team of data security specialists, we make up for your internal capability and resource constraints, supporting your Data Protection Officer (DPO) to achieve regulatory compliance and to build a more cyber resilient organisation.

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Our DPO2SMETM  service covers: 

DPO filing

DPO filing 

Advisory on DPO registration and business contacts update to ACRA for registered entities and to PDPC for non-ACRA registered entities.  



Data protection policy and procedures development

Proven proprietary SOPs and best practices for PDPA compliant data handling and retention processes in your daily business routine.

Incident response mgt

Data breach management

Framework that covers swift containment, effective risk and impact analysis, and notification obligations to minimise data breach consequences. 


PDPA and security awareness training 

Cybersecurity and data protection fundamentals with PDPA updates to reinforce a data security culture from front-line staff to the board. 

CISO2SME phishing exercise

Cybersecurity threat exercise 

Phishing simulation with detailed test report to assess your risk level among employees and address the awareness gap. 


Risk and gap analysis

Review of existing data protection policies and practices with actionable insights and PDPA risk-mitigation recommendations.


Awareness update 

e-Bulletin on the latest PDPC reported breaches with case insights and key learnings to prevent similar occurrences within your own firm.

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