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Backed by strong internal controls and safeguards of the highest standards, our IT services including our Managed Security are ABS OSPAR-certified to serve financial services institutions. We also have a strong track record in serving the government sector and mid to large SMEs across Asia-Pacific.


CISO as-a-Service 

Need help developing a Cybersecurity Health Plan tailored for your needs? Need help in attaining CSA's Cyber Essentials (CE) and/or Cyber Trust mark

RSM, our Technology Compliance arm is one of the appointed CISO as-a-Service providers to support businesses and charities with cybersecurity consultancy under CSA's SG Cyber Safe programme.

Eligible SMEs can enjoy up to 70% co-funding support.



Our 4R's cybersecurity approach
Our 4R's cybersecurity approach includes reinforce, respond & recover and rebuild
  • Cybersecurity training & drill
  • Incident response readiness assessment
  • Technology risk & cybersecurity advisory
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery planning
  • SIEM & security analytics 
  • IT managed services (AvailEase)
  • Incident response management
  • Technical analysis of threats & incidents
  • Digital forensic preservation & investigation
  • Claims resolution advisory  
  • Incident documentation & post-mortem review
  • IT & Cyber security audit
  • Incident response testing & validation
  • IT systems & remediation programme enhancement


Assess your security posture, understand and tackle cyber risks and opportunities cost-effectively and with minimum disruption.

  • Audit and compliance – General IT controls/ Application controls / Network security controls
  • IT governance and oversight – Customized cybersecurity training and drills
  • Assessment and penetration testing
  • Recovery and continuity
  • Secure data erasure

Mitigate risks of shadow IT and meet compliance requirements with our managed IAM solutions. With IAM, you can always ensure that the appropriate individuals in your organisation have the proper access to the right resources (applications, databases, networks, etc.), at the right times and for the right reason. 

  • User administration & provisioning
  • Access management
  • Password management
  • Privileged account management
  • IAM governance

Proactively detect, protect and correct security incidents within your network environment. Our comprehensive SIEM solution provides:

  • Centralised visibility of all machine data across your network, applications and security devices
  • Collection of logs for retention requirements
  • Real-time integrity monitoring and continuous compliance with IT security policies with automatic alerts and control of changes
  • Predictive analytics and smart automation to prioritize and respond to threats

Enhance your data security programme and keep your systems in a trusted state real-time with FIM.

  • Flag out unauthorized actions by tracking files and folders access and movement
  • Detect zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats
  • Support adherence to compliance requirements

Our SCM solution increases operational efficiency by combining vulnerability assessment, automated remediation and configuration assessment to deliver a defence-in-depth strategy against cyber threats.

  • Automate security checks such as firewall settings, security patches, event log policy and more
  • Periodic system setting assessment against security guidelines for compliance management

Identify your business risk exposure level and the security gaps. We will also validate and enhance existing incident response plan with your security needs in mind.

Determine your current state of preparedness against internal and external threats with our IR readiness assessment.

We support law firms and business owners in forensic analysis to recover digital audit trails as evidence for formal investigations into areas such as industrial espionage, copyright infringement and fraud.



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