"Why do I need to backup Microsoft 365? 
Isn't it taken care of?" 

What Happen When You Don’t Have Microsoft 365 Backup- Limited access and control of your own data, retention policy gaps and data loss dangers, security vulnerabilities, regulatory exposure

Do you know Microsoft operates on the shared responsibility model? They take responsibility in maintaining their infrastructure but places the responsibility of your Microsoft 365 data on YOU. It is important to differentiate that when it comes to your data backup, software providers may not fully protect you. You are ultimately responsible for the recovery of your data in the event of a data loss.

Leading Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery Solution


Complete data backup & protection with swift recovery within minutes

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Robust, Unlimited Backup

Safeguard all of your Microsoft 365 data and enjoy effortless backup. Offload your day-to-day backup management to AvailEase and you will never have to worry about data loss ever again.    

  • UNLIMITED data storage & retention period  - This means all your data will be backed up & kept safe no matter how much data you have now or use in the future as your business grows
  • Automated backups - Hassle-free backup process that you can quickly & easily set up in minutes
  • Daily backups, multiple times a day - Greatly improve recovery efficiency & RPO with multiple point-in-time snapshots of your data  
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup - Access & check-in on backup status anywhere, anytime & enjoy CAPEX cost savings 
  • Industry leading 256-bit encryption - Protection against cyber-attacks or leakages of data in-transit & in the cloud
  • 24x7 backup monitoring & alerts - Gain peace of mind with experts keeping eye on your critical data round the clock

M365 unlimited backup

M365 Search & Restore

Fast, Easy Recovery 

Go beyond Microsoft's default recovery limitations and regain control of your data and business continuity. Simplify your recovery processes with AvailEase and save time and reduce costly business disruptions.    

  • Lighting fast data recovery - Recover lost data with just a few clicks. AvailEase cuts down the average data recovery process from 6 hours to mere minutes   
  • Granular & total restore flexibility - Maximum recovery control with the option to restore individual items, multiple items, or entire folders with the file hierarchy intact
  • In-depth data search capability - Easily pinpoint specific data you need to recovery within your backup archives with robust search parameters 
  • Point-in-time restore -  Find the last data in which your content was in a desired state and restore it directly back into your tenant

Flexible, Affordable Solution  

AvailEase Managed Microsoft 365 Backup offers great scalability with our fixed fee per-user subscription model - in short, you only pay what you need and be assured of a more predictable monthly IT spending.  

In addition, you will eliminate unnecessary licensing costs & data loss due to inactive licenses for individuals that have left your organization. With AvailEase's unlimited backup and retention capability, you  automatically save your inactive Microsoft 365 user data across all Microsoft plans, saving you considerable licensing fees.

M365 Affordable flexible solution

Want reliable Microsoft 365 backup & protection against data loss?