Why 3rd-party Backup is Critical for Full Microsoft 365 Data Loss Protection and Quick Disaster Recovery

Microsoft's native data protection tools offers some basic protection but it varies with your subscription plan. It also requires users to have extensive knowledge on versioning and recovery procedures along with the different default retention policies for each application. 

This article aims to provide greater clarity on where Microsoft’s responsibilities regarding backup and restoration end — and where yours begin. With this knowledge, you can then confidently harass the full potential of your Microsoft 365 investment without ever worrying about data loss.

Shared Responsibility in the Cloud

“Why do I need to back up a cloud solution like Microsoft 365?

Isn't it taken care of?”


Microsoft operates on a shared responsibility model. This means that Microsoft is only responsible for maintaining the high availability and overall security of its cloud service, while the responsibility of the DATA residing in Microsoft 365 is YOURS. It is important to differentiate that when it comes to your data, terms of service of SaaS solution providers may not always protect you. You are ultimately responsible for the recovery of your data in the event of a data loss.

The unfortunate truth is that even cloud-based applications data is vulnerable to common data loss causes. With human error being the number 1 cause of Microsoft 365 data loss and number 2 being malware like ransomware. 

Microsoft Shared Responsiblity Model_AvailEase Managed Microsoft 365 Backup

Common causes of SaaS data loss


Accidental deletion
(Human error)


Virus / Malware


Operational errors 
(Accidental data overwrite)


Misbehaving applications workflows


Deactivated accounts of departing employees

25% of SaaS applications were hit by ransomware,
of which 64% of attacks happened within Microsoft 365

*Datto Global State Of The Channel Ransomware Report 2020

Backup & Retention Policies are NOT a Substitute for a Complete Backup & Restoration Solution

It is important to differentiate between Microsoft 365 native features and a full-featured backup solution where you have full access and control over your data. Keeping up with and managing the evolving policies is time-consuming and inconvenient. Even when data is retrievable, the process is long and complicated, and retention policies vary for each application. Microsoft even recommends leveraging on 3rd party services for regular backup and added data loss protection.


Microsoft Service Agreement Snapshot


without M365 backup_AvailEase

Evaluation Criteria for Microsoft 365 Backup Solution

More SMEs and enterprises alike, are complementing their Microsoft 365 with a 3rd party backup solution for added data loss protection. Here are the key questions to keep in mind when selecting the right solution, as well as why AvailEase Managed Microsoft 365 Backup can be that complete backup solution for you:

unlimited storage and retention

Unlimited storage & retention

AvailEase M365 backup_automated backup

Automated backups

AvailEase M365 backup_granular search

Granular search & quick restore

AvailEase M365 backup_256-bit encryption

256-bit encryption

AvailEase M365 backup_backup monitoring

Backup monitoring

1. How easy is it to implement and use?

AvailEase Managed Microsoft 365 backup offers a hassle-free, fully managed cloud-to-cloud backup solution. Our team of Microsoft specialists takes care of all of your backup needs and worries, so you can focus on more pressing business matters.

2. Does it cover all your Microsoft 365 data?

It is important to look for a solution that gives you complete backup of all your Microsoft 365 data. With AvailEase, you get full data backup across the Microsoft 365 suite of tenants (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams) with UNLIMITED storage and retention, so you will never feel like you have to compromise as all data is permanently stored.

3. Is your data kept safe, in transit and once stored in the cloud?

With industry leading 256-bit encryption, you will have peace of mind that your data is always protected against cyber-attacks or leakages.

4. How quick and easy is it to restore data?

AvailEase’s user-friendly web console allows easy search and restore capability with just a few clicks, cutting down the recovery process from an average of six hours to mere minutes. Be up and running again in the shortest possible time and eliminate costly business disruptions.

5. Are you able to search and restore individual items and not just entire mailboxes/libraries?

Our easy-to-use granular recovery feature ensures that you are not limited to restoring mailboxes or libraries in their entirety, but also be able to recover specific files, emails or documents. This also supports point-in-time recovery for better disaster recovery and RPO.

6. Is there reliable technical support?

Our network operations center provides 24x7 backup monitoring and alerts to ensure the integrity of your data backup. Never have to worry about data loss with experts keeping eye on your critical data around the clock.

7. Does it offer an affordable and flexible solution that grows with your business?

AvailEase offers great scalability with our fixed fee per-user subscription model – in short, you only pay what you need and be assured of a more predictable monthly IT spending.

Want reliable Microsoft 365 backup & protection against data loss?