Data analytics 

RSM Stone Forest IT has helped organisations, big and small, across industries, benefit from data and analytics to drive positive outcomes for the business and its customers, while still maintaining and facilitating the highest level of data protection.

BI is about analyzing what has happened to date and looking for efficiencies to optimise the business in the future. Leveraging on Microsoft Power BI, we have helped companies across industries to:

  • Consolidate and share data from multiple sources effortlessly
  • Create a dashboard of key business metrics
  • Minimise manual and repetitive work in Microsoft Excel
  • Extract real-time information and multi-dimensional analysis reports
  • View, manipulate, analyse and distribute reports in a familiar Microsoft Excel format

OI involves visualizing live machine-generated data to provide dynamic business analytics that delivers visibility and insights for sound decision-making. These include data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and mobile devices etc. and provide records on user transactions, customer behaviour, sensor activity, security threats, fraudulent activity and much more. OI provides:

  • Real-time monitoring for patterns and thresholds
  • Granular role-based security and access controls
  • Collection and indexing of machine data from virtually any source
  • Automatic detection of interesting patterns in your data

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