Maximising Talent Acquisition: 6 Useful Strategies to Implement

Aug 28 2023
Maximising Talent Acquisition: 6 Useful Strategies to Implement

Widening Skills-Talent Gap Amidst Today's Workforces

With a rising talent shortage in the region, CFOs are seeking a broader range of skills among the professionals they hire. Surveys show that nearly 83% of companies in Singapore have reported talent shortages in 2023 following the pandemic. Employers are struggling to locate and attract qualified candidates, particularly in the Accounting and Finance sector.

Furthermore, as a new generation continues to enter the workforce, they are embracing a different approach to work, coupled with a rise in new skill requirements due to the increasing prevalence of AI and technology tools.

Given these rapid changes, businesses can no longer afford to adopt a "WAIT AND SEE" approach.

What can you do to tackle Talent Shortage?

By adopting a balanced mix of the following 6 strategies, HR leaders can ensure that their workforce is prepared and resilient to meet the growing demands of the market space and close skills gaps.

1.	Upskill your people
2.	Reskill or “Rehaul” your people
3.	“Buy skills” from the expert
4.	Borrow external resources to “Assign Temporary Talent”
5.	Embrace Task-based talent flexibility
6.	Acquire talent

In the realm of talent strategy, a one-size-fits-all approach falls short. To address talent gaps effectively, businesses must blend and tailor these strategies to their unique requirements. A harmonious fusion of strategies, strategically crafted, empowers your workforce for peak performance, boosting overall productivity.

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