Scalable CRM Solution Enhances Non-profit Healthcare Provider’s Productivity

Aug 28 2019
Stone Forest IT
Scalable CRM Solution Enhances Non-profit Healthcare Provider’s Productivity

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Industry: Non-profit Healthcare Provider
Solution: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Smart, informed decision-making
  • Ease of compliance


The client is a non-profit healthcare provider that offers subsidised medical treatment and actively supports medical research. As the organisation’s patient and donor base grew, its existing customised applications and IT vendor were unable to keep up with operational demands. It consequently required frequent stopgap updates to its cumbersome legacy Patient Billing System (PBS) and Charity Management System (CHARMS) and identified a need to centrally manage all member and donor data. To address these issues, it turned to Stone Forest IT (SFIT) for a solution.


After assessing the client’s needs, organisational processes and workflows, SFIT proposed a leading user-friendly CRM solution that can be easily customised. SFIT’s CRM consultants provided the client with professional advice and extended the solution’s functionalities to meet its unique PBS and CHARMS requirements. The scalable solution allows:

  • Huge volumes of patient and donor contact information to be easily managed as well as integration with existing and future applications
  • Real-time updates of medical and donation records for sharing and archival purposes
  • Integration with ERP to automate billing and track payments
  • Integration with bank processes to support GIRO and credit card payment
  • Integration with online systems of external organisations such as the Ministry of Health and Central Provident Fund for claims, grants and subsidies
  • Robust reporting to meet strict regulatory compliance standards
  • A snapshot of organisational performance at any time through a dashboard


Following successful implementation, the client enjoyed several benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Smart, informed decision-making with quick access to all critical information
  • Ease of compliance with audit trails of donations, grants and subsidies

SFIT taps into its extensive experience in delivering practical IT solutions to help organisations achieve greater efficiency and productivity through an intimate understanding of their short- and long-term needs.