PayrollServe now in Malaysia

Aug 28 2020
PayrollServe now in Malaysia

Following the establishment of PayrollServe in Singapore for more than 30 years, we are pleased to share that we have expanded our PayrollServe footprint in Malaysia in March 2020. The numerous international certifications attained by PayrollServe underscores our commitment to consistently provide clients with quality services backed by internal controls and safeguards of the highest standards.

Operating from Stone Forest Malaysia office in Q Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, PayrollServe Malaysia is made up of local professionals based in Kuala Lumpur and fully supported by the pioneering team in Singapore.

Combining in-depth knowledge and years of experience in providing managed, outsourced payroll services in Singapore, we are confident to extend the same service quality to our clients in Malaysia, bringing your business to the next phase of growth.  

From filing deadlines, regulatory reporting, ever-changing payroll, human resource regulations, and remote work issues, the COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges to the HR teams. Despite the challenges, PayrollServe remains agile in meeting your payroll and human resource requirements and provides a seamless service experience.

Our establishment in Kuala Lumpur marked a significant milestone for RSM Stone Forest as a holistic, professional services provider. We aim to provide our clients with comprehensive payroll and HR solutions in Malaysia.

For more information about PayrollServe Malaysia, please drop us an email at or reach out to us at +603 2787 7600.