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As part of the RSM Stone Forest Group, PayrollServe Malaysia was established to assist organisations in managing their comprehensive payroll and human resource management.

PayrollServe Malaysia specialises in providing fully managed payroll and human resource related solutions and services.

Backed by over 30 years of payroll experience and best practices, PayrollServe Malaysia is supported by a team of local payroll and human resource specialists.

From regulatory reporting, meeting filing deadlines, ensuring compliance with human resource regulations, and keeping up with the ever-changing payroll requirements, PayrollServe Malaysia remains agile in meeting your payroll and human resource needs in Malaysia.

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You focus on growing your business
We manage your payroll and human resource functions

Backed by payroll centre of excellence

Supported by experienced payroll professional

Facilitate payroll best practices

Regional processes with accuracy and compliance

Seamless deployment of payroll and HR processes

Our Services

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Outsourced Payroll Management
You focus on growing your business, we manage your payroll and human resource functions

PayrollServe Malaysia specialises in comprehensive payroll and human resource functions, supporting organisations with scalable payroll and human resource solutions to meet your business requirements.

We provide end-to-end payroll solutions to organisations of all sizes in Malaysia. Our services include guidance on employment matters and establishing statutory board. We also assist you in the payroll management of your entire staff force.

Equipped with practical knowledge and experience, our team takes a holistic approach in understanding your business, and provides the required services that fully support your payroll operation.

Managed end-to-end payroll services

• Payroll essentials: Policy and compliance guidelines
• Scheduled payroll register
• Bank files generation
• Mandatory statutory registrations and management
• Salary and payslip disbursement
• Year-end assessment

On-demand payroll advisory and assessment

• Ad-hoc payroll tabulation and disbursement
• Benefits and commission management
• Tax applications
• Statutory payroll advisory and management 



Payroll Health Check
Payroll processing is critical to your business

Payroll management can create unnecessary stress and burden on companies. Adding on to the increasingly complicated payroll process, missing of deadlines and miscalculation of payroll figures may incur unnecessary penalties. This is why Payroll Health Check has become more important than before.

PayrollServe has the expertise to assist you with your payroll health check to ensure your organisation is in compliance with local legislations. We analyse current and past years’ records and apply the most appropriate treatment and best practices to ensure your payroll records are maintained and filed in order:

• Perform statutory analysis on wage components
• Validation and reconciliation of historical payroll records
• Payroll internal control and best practices
• Treatment of taxable and non-taxable items


PRS(Malaysia) Service

Employee Self-service & Benefits Administration
Automated and seamless online solutions

At PayrollServe, we provide you and your employees with secure, 24/7 access to individual payroll and payslip.

Leave management can also be effortless. Our online module integrates payroll and claims systems, providing you with on-time leave application.

Our online claims module allows you to record, track, and manage all claims transparently and efficiently. In addition, our online time and attendance tracking module helps to monitor and manage your employees’ attendance, providing you with accurate work record and data:

• Leave management
• Policy to procedure
• Managed online leave on-the-go
• Expense claims management
• Real-time attendance management system



HR Consultative Assistance
Managing your human resource needs is the core of our business

PayrollServe assists your organisation with human resource and employment guidelines, and performs routine regulatory checks to ensure compliance with local legislations.

Whether you are just starting out or you already own a growing company, we can help you develop an effective and efficient payroll system:  

• Employment regulatory check and compliance guide
• Employment for new organisations


We free business owners to run their business
We run their Payroll and Human Resource processes

We help Malaysia business to simplify processes, comply with procedure and improve productivity

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