While HR may not be core to your business, it is uniquely core to ours. PayrollServe develops customised HR services for you based on the type of workforce you have and the specific needs of your business.


HR Foundation


The HR Foundation package helps businesses start off right in Human Resource Management. This package includes standard templates of essential employment documents. Customise the various templates according to your company’s policies and terms and use them many times over.



HR Helpline


PayrollServe’s HR Helpline provides clear and uncomplicated advice on general HR enquiries for a monthly fixed fee.

Topics covered:

  1. Singapore Employment Act (Part II, III, IV)
  2. Payroll Related Topics
  3. Government-Paid Leave



HR Admin Support  


The HR function often starts at the application for employment, continuing through the paperwork requirements and ending with the employee termination. PayrollServe will work with you to find the right level of support you need. 

Services include:

  • Manage personnel files
  • Set up for new hires and closing for leavers
  • Generate employment contract and new hire documents
  • Monitor employees probation and confirmation status
  • Generate HR document for employees
  • Manage exit process for leavers
  • Employer HR Helpline



HR Advisory


We provide companies of all sizes with valuable HR Consultancy advice for a manageable retainer or ad-hoc fee. Benefit from in-depth advice on best practices and employment regulations. With the regulatory environment growing more complicated, it's good to know that you are in compliance with legislation.


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