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How It Works

Simply fill in the form and we will be happy to reward you when the deal is successful.

Terms & Conditions

  • Earn $150 Gift voucher for every successful on-boarded client!
  • Each referral must be a PayrollServe first-time customer, must not be PayrollServe’s existing client or already using PayDay! products.
  • Your friend must know that we will be contacting them. By referring your friend, you give us the right to use your information when contacting your friend and to indicate that you provided their name and/or contact information to PayrollServe."
  • Voucher will be sent to your upon full payment made by your friend within 2 months from referral.
  • We reserve our rights to adapt, modify, cancel or withdraw this Referral Program's Terms and Conditions at any point in time.
  • Your lead is valid for a period of 3 months from the day of the lead registration

** not applicable to subscription for PayDay! SaaS.

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