Protect your company from reputational and financial risks

Although most companies have high standards in finding quality hires, they are also challenged by limited resources. It is not enough to take an application or a curriculum vitae (“CV”) at face value. A bad hire can drain energy and time, and may incur cost in many ways including productivity cost, financial cost, employee morale cost, and reputational cost. 

Perform pre-employment screening

A pre-employment screening is a review of a person’s commercial, criminal, and (occasionally) financial records to identify any red flags in his/her personal or professional history. Depending on the restrictions imposed by the state laws, these can also include criminal history, credit history, driving record, medical history, and past employment record.

Performing background checks on applicants is, therefore, an effective way to uncover potential issues that may possibly affect your business. It also puts you in the best possible position in the hiring process.  

Confidence in your hiring process

Human resource (“HR”) processing function (including background screening) takes up a lot of time and effort from HR personnel, leaving them with fewer resources for more strategic functions like talent development.

As an employer, it helps to understand what separates an excellent pre-employment screening service provider in finding the right fit for your organization from a mediocre one. We partner with a global pre-employment screening solutions provider that allows us to add value to HR departments around the world.

A worldwide recognized HR leader in service quality, timely reporting, cost-effectiveness, state-of-the-art technology programmes, and legal expertise in candidates screening, our clients can deploy integrated human capital management solutions seamlessly while improving organizational efficiency and employee experience.

√ Robust and reliable pre-employment screening

√ Global reach of over 200 countries and territories, navigating unique regional demands

√ Focus on in-country processes, procedures and compliance, with added emphasis on exceptional applicant and client experience

√ Fast turnaround time

Hire faster, better and easier
Companies that engage PayrollServe will benefit from a fully integrated solution  in human capital management in the Asia-Pacific region.

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