Online Payslips

ESS provides your employees with secure, 24/7 access to their individual payroll. Now, employees can view their past pay advice when they log in to ESS. Every month's pay advice is automatically saved, making it easy for an employee to view or print an older pay advice if necessary. The company can also add its logo to the pay advice.


Online Leave Application

This system is designed to make your leave processes as effortless as possible. The online module integrates with our payroll and claims systems, allowing your employees to apply for leave online. Capturing, approving and maintaining your employees' leave is now a streamlined and paperless process. Employees can now view their own leave balances and managers get an overview of their team's leave applications.


Online Expense Claims

This system enables employees to post and obtain approval for reimbursement claims online. This eliminates lots of hassles such as manually filling up forms and ascertaining the status of claims. Employees will be provided information on their entitlement, claims done and balances. The company administrator can review all claims posted by employees online, and employees are emailed information on the approval or rejection.

Client Testimonial


“It’s great that we’re not only enjoying the benefits of payroll outsourcing, but also the cost savings from it due to PayrollServe’s status under the HRSS Grant”

  • Winnie Chan
  • CEO and Founder, Bynd Artisan

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