Singapore has established itself as a global financial hub for many multinational firms. It is home to a high concentration of over 1,200 financial institutions which offer a myriad of products and services across diverse asset classes. 
Asia is a young, urbanising region and investment penetration levels remain low. Global assets under management in the Asia Pacific is expected to grow faster than any other region globally.  Singapore has built a vibrant asset management ecosystem that continues to grow and is well placed to serve this trend. 
To further enhance Singapore’s position as a full-service Asian hub for fund management and fund domiciliation, Variable Capital Company (“VCC”), a flexible corporate structure designed for investment funds was launched in Jan 2020. Fund managers can use the VCC to structure open-ended and closed-end funds across both traditional and alternative strategies.

Managing a fund is complex, notwithstanding the many challenges a fund has to contend with the market and regulatory scrutiny as well as managing the stakeholders’ needs. Hence, choosing the right service provider and advisor can be crucial in delivering your strategy and helping you stay on top of your game. Fund managers need the right level of support and advice with considerations such as where to base and organise their operations, domicile their funds, target and service prospective investors. 

What we offer

Having in place a strong governance framework will ensure that there is a due process of discussion and consideration by the Board in its decision making. This will foster a clear and transparent communication among Board members and between the Board and its shareholders.

At CorpServe, we provide advisory and support services for a company or a VCC in the following areas :


Setting up

Incorporate a company or VCC

Maintain statutory books

Provide registrated office service



Board support and acting as named company secretary

Corporate governance guidance

Advise directors on role and responsibilities



Corporate health check
Regulatory and ACRA filings and disclosures
Compliance with Companies Act and Variables Capital Companies Act


Advise and assist on corporate changes
Share related exercises, such as share subscription to include share transfer, i.e. Share related exercises, such as share transfer, share subscription, share redemption and share buyback etc.
As advisors to the Board and shareholders, we want to help your company/VCC to build a strong governance framework and ensure they remain compliant.

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