If you like to be groomed to be an advisor to growing businesses, and enjoy the challenge of serving growing businesses, you will enjoy working with us. Grow People Grow Businesses - Our comprehensive ‘GROW’ L&D programme, coupled with our forward-looking internship schemes aim to realise the talents of staff to be business advisors to growing businesses, and groom promising staff to be future leaders of our firm.

If you believe you have what it takes and relish working in a progressive firm with a good culture, we invite you to start your growth journey with us.


'GROW' L&D Programme

The 'A' candidate

At RSM Stone Forest, we recruit ‘A’ candidates — those with a good attitude and who are willing to go the additional mile for businesses. ‘A’ grades are secondary to us, as we believe that candidates with the right attitude can be nurtured and developed to their full potential. Our value system is built into our recruitment mechanism, where we try to size up if you have the make-up of our firm’s persona.

At RSM Stone Forest, you get to be highly involved in strategic projects, helping companies, large and small from development to execution. The work you do influences the decisions of major industry players and can change the trajectory of businesses.

The accountapreneur spirit

We define an accountapreneur as an accountant with an entrepreneurial mind. He/She is the en­trepreneur’s right-hand man, works closely with the entrepreneur, understands the business well, and puts his supremacy with numbers to good use for the business. He/She analyses the num­bers and makes use of them to help the entrepreneur plan ahead. At RSM Stone Forest, we always tell our clients what you cannot measure, you cannot manage.

Many entrepreneurs start with great ideas and passion, which are great stuff to start off with. Once they are on the growth path, they will need the skills of an accountant to interpret the performance of their business. The accountapre­neur combines his financial knowledge and entrepreneurial mind to take a pro-active approach in helping the entrepreneur chart his growth or steer clear of anticipated obstacles.

How does an accountant develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

Our values

We strive to be the best accounting and business consultancy group to provide the highest standards of service to our clients, through working hand-in-hand with them to achieve their growth and prosperity. We aim to add value to businesses, and continually build our core of professionals with people of high integrity and capability. The 7Ps form an integral part of our value system, being the guiding principle of our service delivery.

Corporate social responsibility 

At the core of our firm’s 7Ps philosophy is Passion. The passion to help those in need. The passion to want to help growing businesses, and to excel in whatever we do for the benefit of our clients. To keep ourselves in touch with our hearts, we share this Passion beyond the firm as we learn from and are inspired by others around us.

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