Dear Graduating Students, 

As you contemplate the next chapter of your life, you may like to ponder over the following questions, which I hope will help you focus on your choice of a career: 

“What is my career goal?” 

“What type of firm will provide me with the opportunities to reach my goal? How long does it take?”

Recognise this early – following what your friends do or what has been a tradition is not necessarily the best for you. In this era of fast changes and dynamism, you need to take charge. Seek out the opportunities to fulfil your dream; don't wait for them to knock on you.

As the CEO of the Group, I am constantly on the lookout for business opportunities and good people – people with the qualities we desire – ZEST:

Zeal: great enthusiasm and ambition to succeed

Energy: the raw power to move forward, fast

Stamina: sustained energy and the tenacity for success

Talent: the intelligence and technical skills to perform well in assigned roles

If ZEST is what you have, we invite you to join us. You will be personally groomed by me or my partners and directors to be business advisors. You will also be put on our learning expressway – professional training programmes, exposure to various aspects of business advisory work and overseas assignments.

Because we care, our people get to see the partners or directors, and talk about their work or aspirations, anytime. Those who do not wish to race can find a balance between family life and work. In other words, over here, you paint your own future. You can reach the top if you want, and faster, because we are not a family business and have lots of opportunities for growth.

I invite you to learn more about us on our website, and assess for yourself how you can fit into our organisation.

Call us when you are ready, now or in the future.

Best wishes