Success Stories- Acquisition of asset


Energy and commodities

Company Background:

A private company dealing in energy products looks to acquire an Australian Public Company.


The client faced issues with the acquisition of an Australian Public Company as they were not familiar with the regulatory requirements of the target country. This was further exacerbated with the voluminous amount of data needed to be collected from the public company in order to facilitate a share exchange with 400+ shareholders of the target company.


To ensure the smooth acquisition of the Australian Public Company:

  • RSM Stone Forest conducted a corporate health check for the client to update their records.
  • The team also acted as project manager for the client to liaise with lawyers and the share registrar of the target company to administer the share exchange.
  • On-going support and advisory was provided to the client throughout the process including post-transaction events.
  • RSM Stone Forest’s cloud-based platform, CS8, was used to organise and maintain the records of the 400+ shareholders.


The target company acquisition was carried out efficiently and the client was able to ensure that all due processes were completed in a timely manner. By acting as project manager, RSM Stone Forest was able to oversee all pre and post transaction events, provide advisory and guide the board of directors to execute the corporate transactions expeditiously. The introduction of cloud based platform for data storage also allowed the client access to corporate information and documents 24/7 whenever required.