Divestment of business


Trading – Medical equipment and supplies

Company Background:

The client company looks to restructure its business across 5 countries where it has operations.


The client’s corporate restructuring exercise across 5 countries caused difficulties in coordinating with different lawyers and service providers located in the respective branches. Furthermore, the absence of specific personnel to understand the legislative requirements and work processes of each country resulted in delays.


RSM Stone Forest ascertained that an efficient project management system was needed to ensure that the restructuring process runs smoothly and provided services to act as project manager. The team managed the project timelines and documentation flow with the respective service providers located in different countries. They also assisted to review process documents before they were executed by the client and prepared papers that were required by the Singapore entities.


By acting as the single point of contact for all the service providers, RSM Stone Forest was able to offer the client with visibility on the project timeline and ensure seamless coordination among the various parties involved. RSM Stone Forest provided advisory and guided the board of directors in respect of the local legislative requirements. They also ensured that the client understood the foreign legislative requirements and proposed alternative courses of action in the event of hindrances in the restructuring plan.