Why RSM Stone Forest

In our 35 years of serving and helping to grow businesses, and saving failing businesses, and having learnt from our successes and failures in building our business, we have crystallised the critical success factors in entrepreneurship. 

It is our hope to see more entrepreneurs gain and benefit early in their journey in order to grow their businesses.

SF - Why Stone Forest
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Serving businesses for over 35 years

We understand the needs and pains of growing businesses 

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Technology with human touch

We help clients find the right technology fit, and work with you to ensure it serves to improve productivity.

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One stop to internationalisation

We work closely with experts on the ground to ensure you start right and comply with local laws.

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Qualified Advisors

Be served by qualified and experienced professionals  and business advisors

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Integrated Advisory

We provide one-stop, integrated specialist advice focused on helping clients generate more revenue and profits.

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Quality system

Our processes and controls are subject to the most stringent quality system to ensure utmost security and confidentiality in all that we do.

We grow from a 2-men outfit, to be a champion of SMEs today. We have the width and depth of expertise to serve enterprises from early stage to high growth.

We know the pains of growing up and can empathise with entrepreneurs at every stage of their growth journey. 

As business advisors to growing businesses, we provide you with the clarity to help you drive your business, and partner you through your growth journey.

Transform your business today.
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