Dear Felicia and Devi,

The purpose of this letter is to formally and publicly commend the AccountServe team for the excellent service provided to XM Studios throughout the Documentation of Accounting SOP project provided to us during the months January and February 2019. In my opinion, the level of service that the team extended to our company was far beyond our expectations.

I had originally expected a ‘text-book’ approach which would in turn churn out ‘templated’ audit results of our company’s finance process gaps. Instead, the team demonstrated incredible dedication via visits to our different offices on numerous occasions despite the Chinese New Year ‘down time’ period, making sure they were asking the right people the right questions. The team also showed great patience in guiding and asking all our core team members vital and in-depth questions, which were definitely not ‘templated’ but judiciously tailored to the realistic situation our company is in.

What particularly impressed me about the level of professionalism provided by the team was the very comprehensive finance process audit presentation which surprised us with many unexpected findings and learnings, with a perfectly executed closure of thoughtful recommendations to address those gaps. My team is humbled by the realization of how little we knew about finance processes and that we have critical areas to address. 5 years of operating inefficiently, uncovered by a few weeks of professional review by the AccountServe team!

In closing, I believe that Felicia, Devi and team truly deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing customer service and support well beyond the expectations of our company on the Accounting SOP project.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Bryan Tan


XM Studios Pte Ltd

231 Bain Street, #04-43

Bras Brasah Complex

Singapore 180231