Our outsourced CFO support service offers affordable financial expertise to meet the needs of start-ups and growing companies.

In today's competitive landscape, making effective financial decisions is crucial for sustaining growth. A growing organisation can greatly benefit from the expertise of a trained and experienced financial professional who is closely involved in the business - similar to a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in larger organisations. However, this level of expertise often comes at a high price for growing enterprises. Very often, businesses may not be ready for a full-time executive - either operationally or financially. 

Professional care for your organisation's financial health

When utilising our CFO support services, you can focus on running your core business while knowing that we are working to help your business achieve the best results with maximum efficiency.

Our pool of CFO professionals have extensive experience in financial strategy, industry analysis and profit maximisation, and they work closely with clients to provide the level of involvement that is comfortable for them.

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How we help

We tailor each service offering depending on the finance & accounting requirements of the top management and the business as a whole.

Our Services include

  • Setting up annual budgeting and forecasting
  • Budget vs actuals monitoring and discussion
  • Assessing short-term financing needs (cash flow budget management)
  • Preparation of financial presentations for BOD/Investors
  • Assistance in Group financial reporting and other Group requirements
  • Actual financial position and performance review 

Case Study 


Background: The client is an international group of businesses across trade, industry and services. They are uniquely positioned to identify, acquire, and develop market leaders with sustainable business models.


  • The Company is still in its start-up stage and currently does not require a full-time senior finance person.
  • The Company also wants to keep its costs manageable. A full-time senior finance person can be expensive.
  • Due to stringent Group requirements and business model, the Company requires a senior finance person who can work closely with top management (Managing Director and Investment Director) in relation to finance and accounting matters.



How we helped

We worked closely with the Managing Director and Investment Director in various accounting and finance functions. 

Some key activities undertaken are as follows: 

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Built annual budget and conducted subsequent monitoring; Cash flow management.

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Provided insights/review on monthly financial performance and position.

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Assisted in financial on-boarding of portfolio companies.

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Fulfilled monthly, quarterly, and annual group reporting requirements.

Depending on your needs, we can be engaged on a permanent, periodic or ad-hoc basis to meet specific objectives. Our personalised approach means you will receive outsourced CFO support services that are individually tailored to your business’ needs and processes, improving your ability to make informed decisions. If you would like to discuss your options further with one of our financial experts, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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